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How to Evaluate a Job Offer

Let’s assume your employment interview went well, and there’s sincere and mutual interest on both sides. You now need to…

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Choosing The Best Resume Format

Your resume can be arranged in one of two basic formats: summary or chronological. The summary (or functional) resume distills…

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The Proper Way to Resign

Once a new job has been accepted, you need to consider is the timing of your resignation. Since two weeks’…

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A Stronger Resume Will Increase Your Odds

Reality Check: Given the choice of two candidates of equal ability, hiring managers will always prefer to interview the one…

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How to Leave a Job Gracefully

Imagine a co-worker who trashes his cubicle, plays practical jokes on his replacement and slinks off with the copier on…

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Your Resignation: Beware the Retaliatory Strike

If your intention to make a job change is sincere, and nothing will change your decision to leave, you should…

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