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What Should You Ask the Interviewer?

A job interview will quickly disintegrate into an interrogation or monologue unless you ask some high quality questions of your…

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Four Classic Interview Questions—and How to Prepare for Them

Experienced job seekers know there are four basic types of interview questions—and they prepare accordingly. First, there are the resume…

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How to Answer Interview Questions

Here are eight of the most commonly asked (and basic) interviewing questions. Do yourself and the prospective employer a favor,…

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Don’t Talk Yourself Out of a Job

There are two ways to answer interview questions: the short version and the long version. When a question is open-ended,…

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How Do I Discuss the Subject of Money?

During the employment interview, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked about your current and expected level of compensation. Here’s…

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The Secret to Interview Success

Assuming you’re qualified for the job, the outcome of your employment interview will be dependent on your ability to discover…

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